Dangaioh | CX-7304 (1987)

DangaiohIf it weren’t because of Super Robot Spirits 2000, My memories of Dangaioh would have been perfect.

It’s too late. I saw the Mizuki Ichiro and Horie Mitsuko duet.


Because of the age similarities, I couldn’t stop thinking if my in-laws were singing the theme song. Oh No. Stop! No!

Dangaioh was a cool series, typical late eighties tone, some fan services, and so and so.
I watched it as an adult, so all was digested pretty accurately.

This was a Columbia release back in 1987. The LP was packaged neatly with an insert sheet full of lyrics and stills from the anime.
Continuity-wise, I couldn’t complain, only I really wish I didn’t see the duet performance on SRS 2000. It can’t be undone.
Combining vocal and instrumental songs, this record delivered enough nostalgia for me. Great tracks all in all.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No! It’s the type that grows on you.

Here, sample of the duet.

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