Dougram | K22G-7069 (1982)

DougramI didn’t know the sun had fangs.
But it did, Dougram.

What a rubbish opening statement, like the weather.

I didn’t watch Dougram during my childhood. The elusive Betamax video rental shop didn’t have it.
I watched it in early 2000s, so I can’t share my usual love-hate relationship with the series as a toddler.
But in short, I didn’t enjoy Dougram, like I didn’t enjoy many other real robot series.
Thank you Gundam, here, have a Godzilla’s ball to suck.

This King Record release truly delivered Dougram’s battle themed mood to the max!
The ups and downs of battle were truly reflected between tracks and sounds in this gatefold LP.
I was especially able to feel the battle fatigue through the compositions.

And.. it has totally bad-ass poster:
Dougram Poster

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No, but you may feel tired of war and apply for Greenpeace membership.

Here, a sample from side-1.

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