Xabungle – BGM Vol. 1 | K22G-7082 (1982)

XabungleOne of the few “real” robots that I like; now and then.
Combat Mecha!, The Blue Gale, Xabungle!

Walker machines! Scramble!

I had a Xabungle toy, a plastic one from three decades ago, yet I treasured it much and loved it more than the SOC I obtained few years back.
In my memory, Xabungle was awesome although I could not remember the story line. Just desert views and explosions, and the blue robots. That’s more than enough.

This 1982 King Record release came in gatefold format. Nice pictures on the insert sheets.
Some nudities. Haha.
Mine’s missing the poster though.
Fourteen tracks across both sides. Kushida Akira sang the opening track gloriously.

Musically excellent, this is one LP you’d want to play over and over again.
The compositions, balanced, and the mood continuity catered well. Great listening materials.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No, the images of robot cavalries!

Here, a sample from side-1.

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