Ultra Q – Ultraman | SKK(H)-2127 (1979)

UltramanHere we go again, we have to be very respectful when reviewing senior supreme beings like this one.
Ultraman, I beg your pardon in advance.

The one which started it all, Ultra Q .. and Ultraman!

I didn’t have the honour of watching Ultra Q on TV screen because I wasn’t born yet. Heck, in 1966, my mother was still a teenager.
Ultraman followed not long after, but I caught his presence on screen with some re-runs during the 80s.
My apology, Ultraman. You’re still awesome.

This King Record vinyl record was part of a series called “Original BGM Series” .. yeah, right.
This was part one of many. We’ll review them one by one of course. *Sigh* – feels like opening Pandora’s box here.
Be patient Seven, Tarou, Leo, Ace, etc etc. I’ll get there eventually.
This record had a massive 31 tracks and you could use it to role-play with your kids, if they’re into giant heroes vs Kaijus type-of-thing.

I guessed you could also use the record to be the background music of your morning aerobics.
The feeling was right on the spot.

On the insert booklet, they put some stories of the original Ultraman/Q production, along with some photos of the suit actors.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? Please don’t. Respect. Mind over matter, etc.

Here, a sample.

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