Shaider | CQ-7089 (1984)

ShaiderShaider was either the cousin of Gavan and Sharivan, or at least, a close family friend. Definitely. True.

Hawk Missile!!

The third of its’ kind, Shaider. My childhood quorum agreed that he also had familial ties to the space cop family. Let it remain that way please. He didn’t have Sharivan’s afro cut, or Gavan’s 70s, but he was linked somehow. Yes.
We didn’t like the series much, but maybe it was because we had too much of space cops already. It was almost like Neighbours shot in outer space.

This was a Nippon Columbia release back in 1984, and apart from the opening and ending theme which weren’t memorable at all, it’s a great “best of” LP. All vocal songs, mostly sung by Kushida Akira or Miyauchi Takayuki. Good old guys.

I personally thought Shaider’s enemies were pretty rad. Here, look how they posed.


Speechless. Haha.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No. Pretty decent compositions arranged thoughtfully to drive you into nostalgia.

Here, a sample from side-2, song about Vavilos;

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