God Mars OST | K22G-7068 (1982)

God MarsI refrained from reviewing this God Mars vinyl LP records for a long time as it might open old wounds.
This was the pinnacle of my childhood toy dream, The Six Combiner God Mars!

Once upon a time, I looked at God Mars’ toy ad in a magazine.
Subsequently, I indicated to my dad about the possibility of procuring such godly toy (six separate robots, combining).
The result was devastating, a straight no.
He told me to draw it instead with some coloured pencils.


Anyway, I loved the series. Takeru was such a cool robot pilot, almost as cool as Grendizer’s.
His twin was not so much.

This King Record LP, fortunately, managed to seal the old wound back by presenting such a balanced mix of vocal and instrumental songs.
Fourteen of them in total.
I played the first track of side-2 almost every time I had to drive to work (the blatantly ripped version in my phone of course). Majestic.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No, combinations, combinations everywhere!
Parents, please get your kids to watch this. Recommended, and get the LP as well. There are quite a few of them.

Here, a rather chunky sample because it deserved the treatment;

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