Albegas | CQ-7082 (1983)

AlbegasAlbegas, I didn’t remember who you were. Truly sorry.
For me, the title holder of three combiner robots is with the one and only space emperor, God Sigma.


Before writing this review, I wasn’t quite sure if I watched this or not during my childhood.
I quickly consulted the former members of the childhood-robot-watching-cousins forum and they assured me that we did.
They all remembered that this was one of those three combiner robots, they have also expressed unwillingness to talk about any of this again. Shame.
It was how some of them got exposed to the greek alphabets for the first time, aside from God Sigma’s Σ.

Albegas – Alpha, Beta, Gamma Robots. What a pile of dog poo.

Unfortunately, this Nippon Columbia release didn’t help at all.
The combination of vocals and instrumental songs sounded bland and passable.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? Yes. Maybe occasional surprise moments and catchy tunes, but rare.

Here, a sample.

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