Technoboyger | CX-7057 (1982)

TechnoboygerA galaxy apart from the original Thunderbirds, Technoboyger saves everyone from almost everything! Except debts.

Unfortunately I watched this series as Thunderbirds 2086, the English dubbed version.
I admired the vehicles and equipments deployed on each episodes. I dreamed of getting the toys.
Didn’t happen obviously.

This was a Nippon Columbia release back in 1982. Most of the songs were played by an orchestra. Sounded deep and convincing.
I slept half-way. I wrote this review after my wife woke me up and told me to do dishes.
Nine songs in total, four on side-1 and five on the other. It’s actually pretty satisfying after my second and third run.
I survived the third in whole.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? Yes, most likely. The compositions in side-1 were some slow starters, couldn’t make you get up to save somebody.

Here a sample of the first track of side-2;

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