Patlabor – Interface | K-12541 (1988)

PatlaborIf Izumi were British, the title would have been Patlabour.
Fortunately she was Japanese.

I was almost a fully recognised teenager when watching Patlabor, so I appreciated the tone of the series along with its’ complexities more than just the robots in parade.
It was also from the late eighties where super robots were starting to get less and less screen times. Shame.

This was a Warner-Pioneer release back in 1988 and was titled “Interface”. Subsequent LP releases were “Intercept” and “Intermission”, the rest were not available as LP.
There were three vocal songs out of fifteen in the pack. All in all, light and enjoyable compositions.
It’s too bad that the legendary ending song for the TV series was not included but hey, no disappointment with this one either.
The LP brought the series’ early days mood back into the picture. Sit back and relax type-of-thing.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends?No, the tunes are smile makers ~~ my wife’s term. She’s weird.

Here a sample. Did you smile?

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