Kamen Rider Black Hit Songs | CQ-7129 (1988)

Kamen Rider BlackTo be an altered human was all Kamen Riders’ fate (not the new ones, no).
To be a super cool altered human was Kamen Rider Black’s fate.

Alarms didn’t wake me up on Sunday mornings back then, this series did.

I was ecstatic when I found this 12 inch LP records for the first time. I understood it wasn’t rare or anything, but to hear the songs from this series drove me to tears. This was the hero I worshipped as I went from single digit of age to double digits.
This was when I could truly comprehend the story of a super hero and genuinely wanted to be one. It’s so deep I became hungry when I wrote this review. It’s beyond comprehension.
I was also out of instant noodles. Be right back.

[Fast Forward…]

This Nippon Columbia record was released in 1988, arguably in the transition period to CDs and whatnot. Ten tracks masterfully distributed in even count on both sides. All had vocals and three of them were sung by the one and only Kurata Tetsuo, the Kamen Rider Black himself.
My vision betrayed me as I continued typing, blurry, all feelings blended in the memories of joys and sorrows of a ten years old boy. I wasn’t sure it’s the noodles or the sentiment. Could be both, but I thought it was more the MSG.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? That would be the definition of sin, even if you’re an atheist.

To honour the memories, I will post chunky samples of this record. Both over one minute. Hoshi no Lullaby and Black Hole Message. I didn’t quite get how black hole conveyed messages, but that’s for another day (Added Interstellar to my Netflix queue).

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