Machine Man | CQ-7087 (1984)

Machine ManShotaro Ishinomori created many great masked riders, but not this one.

I felt my blood burning.

This album had never run out of mojo, in fact it had too many Mojo!, singing the theme songs that was.
I didn’t like Machine Man for his very existence, but I loved the opening song to death. It’s super catchy.

This was a Nippon Columbia release back in 1984. It’s packaging minimal, but one must not complain.
The back cover was hilarious, you should check it yourself.
Almost all songs were sung by Mojo and his ever faithful choir.

My wife thought his helmet was like a car.
I thought he was just weird. I wanted to punch Machine Man, and threw his talking ball to outer space.
Wait, he came from there.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No.

Here, sample.

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