Goshogun | JBX-2011 (1981)

File_000Did you know the red button? Did you see the red button?

God dammit opening song singer, I didn’t!! Why did you ask???

Super robot familial ties file number 12,896.45; Goshogun was the little brother of Getter Robo because we used to rent Goshogun’s betamax video cassette right after Getter Robo. To make it worst, Getter Robo was labelled as Shogun Getter in our local distribution. Great.

The opening song was full of grandeur but also weird. What the fuck was wrong with the red button??.
We didn’t understand. We don’t want to understand (still). Just shut up.

I remembered replaying the last episode of Goshogun over and over because of the final scene.
I couldn’t say the same for this Victor LP unfortunately. Mixing BGMs and some vocal songs, there was disjointed feelings all over, I had no feelings of continuity listening to this record.

To make it worst, mine had a 4cm scratch on the disk. Donations? Have spare Goshogun LP? T_T

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? Maybe, but I didn’t. I kept remembering the final scene of the series. You should watch it yourself.

Here, a short sample.

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