Dancouga BGM Vol.1 | 25.3H-159 (1984)

DancougaGod bless Dancouga, and nowhere else.

I’m really running out of idea for the opening paragraph, clearly not blessed.

I watched Dancouga (dammit, can I just call it Dancougar? screw you Wikipedia) rather late, probably in early 90’s.
By that time I had full grasp of what’s going on already. I didn’t draw familial ties between one robot to another anymore, and most of my older cousins were no longer watching robot anime. I stayed loyal.
This resulted in Dancouga to be rather alone, and rather, passable.

This is the first gatefold Epic Sony LP record to be reviewed on this site. It was released in 1985 and truly had the standard tunes and feelings of the time.
I remembered Dancouga used to have epic battle scenes, but the LP was way less than epic.
I like 80s disco tunes, but this one’s beyond redemption.
It’s only plus point was the three awesome artwork sheets drawn by Watabe Takashi.
Actually one of them was a photo of Fujiwara Rie, a singer. Better hide this from my wife, otherwise I’ll look weird.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? YES. BIG YES.

But here’s a bit to cure your curiosity.

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