Sharivan | CQ-7081 (1983)

SharivanHe’s the son of the sun. He’s also Gavan‘s brother.
I take no other view. It’s done and final.

Sharivan Crash!

Sharivan in my memory, had curly big hair. I was heavily influenced by that. A boost of confidence.
Childhood, there lied cruel revelations and memories.

This is a BGM LP which also mixed in a few of Kushida Akira’s vocal songs.
If you’re not moved by his rendition of “Grand Birth” on side-2, then I don’t know what you are.
Maybe you’re more into Shaider (in my childhood’s firm belief, he’s another relativeĀ of Sharivan and his brother Gavan), but who cares.

I think his group of enemies were not as fierce as Gavan, that’s why he was gaining more. Easy picks.

Will you be falling asleep before side-1 ends? No. I kept on reminiscing why Grand Birth’s Battle Birth Formation looked like someone holding a big cardboard box.

Here’s a quick sample of this excellent album.

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