Daiohja | K22G-7033 (1981)

DaiohjaI smelled narcissism from the title. But kudos to this robot for calling himself “Ultimate”.



To be honest, no matter how far I dug my childhood memory bank, I couldn’t remember Daiohja’s story lines.
I only started to remember when watching Super Robot Spirits Live (99 or 2000, couldn’t recall). Taira Isao sang its’ rather glorious opening theme.

One thing I remembered was, the red one (there were three robots combining I recalled) looked cooler than the blue one. They’re like God Sigma maybe, but less memorable for my very high childhood standard.

But this 1981 King Record BGM LP was excellent. It came in a gatefold format, had a wire frame of Daiohja pictured in all its glory. Very brass-y, complete with its monarchical emotions. [Disclaimer: I didn’t have any idea on what I was talking about here]
Eight tracks on side-1 and another seven on the other side will give you enough to digest while trying to remember which robot exactly was this one. Maybe in the next 3.23678 years I will remember.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No.

Here, a short sample from the album.

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