Baldios BGM | K22G-7002 (1980)

BaldiosWhen you see a flying saucer, you would probably be thinking of SETI.
When you see a transparent flying saucer, you would probably want to call Baldios. It’s his enemy.

This is one series that I didn’t watch continuously when I was a kid, stop-start kind of thing, at the mercy of the Betamax video rental store near our old house.
My memory about it was sparse at best. For more complex anime themes like this one, I relied on my older cousins’ explanations which at times were so misleading. My beliefs about the brotherhood of space sheriffs, and many other mistakes could be attributed to their misguided information.
I will reveal bits by bits on this blog.

I was merely a consumer of info. I won’t take blame.

This King Record gatefold BGM LP which carried an awesome poster of Marin was not one to go unnoticed.

Baldios Poster 1
This is one of those records which combined instrumental and vocal songs into one compilation. Everything felt smooth and matched the space opera theme of the series.
The opening theme was smooth, too smooth that the enemies might think Baldios was not even serious about them.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? Nope, well balanced combination of vocals and instrumental picked neatly.

Here a sample as usual.

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