Star Zinger | CS-7076 (1978)

Star ZingerIt’s not a new variant of a KFC menu. It’s a monkey cyborg traveling alongside a water demon and a pig cyborg guarding a princess named Sleeping Beauty Aurora.

This was another childhood favourite. Monkey King in Space. Every weird kid’s fantasy. Hat’s off Matsumoto Reiji!

This gatefold Nippon Columbia LP rwas eleased in 1978. Very neat packing with lots of giant artworks on the packaging.

Interestingly, between its 10 parts on this LP, you will be listening to a bit of a drama retelling the trio’s adventure. It’s so nostalgic to me, but your mileage may vary. Looking at the artworks, I was most moved by the glimpse of their space vehicles, a childhood dream too expensive back then.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? Maybe, especially if you start listening from side-2.

Here, sample as usual. I do think Princess Aurora’s skirt is a bit too short for space. Probably bit cold.

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