Kamen Rider – Burning Blood! 10 Riders | CZ-7194 (1982)

10 RidersI want their helmets. And scarves.
This will be the first song compilation LP to be reviewed on this site.
The original title is 熱血!10人ライダー so I just slapped a debatable translation above.

This 1982 Nippon Columbia LP listed all Kamen Riders’ opening and ending songs. From the first Kamen Rider to ZX. From Let’s Go!! Rider Kick to FORGET MEMORIE’S (No kidding it’s spelled that way).
These are the true tunes of Kamen Riders. Kuuga and the younger ones can suck Godzilla’s balls alongside Gundam, again.
Black, Black RX, Shin, ZO, and J are OK. In fact, Black is the best and deserves his own review soon.

This is an economic option if you don’t want to hunt for individual Kamen Rider BGM or song albums. It has everything, like my garage nowadays. My wife complains daily, her prerogative.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No, the songs are too legendary to ignore. Plus what did I tell you about seniors?

Here, sample of Kushida Akira’s FORGET MEMORIE’S.

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