Goggle V | CZ-7176 (1982)

Goggle VI think their helmets are pretty expensive since they all sport expensive jewels on the forehead. This is my favourite super sentai, science versus science, the sixth team, Goggle V!

As a kid, I loved Goggle Black, not the Red one. The supposedly second in command had always been a show stealing character. He was also a janitor, a very cool janitor.

Their fighting poses were the best. I tried all formations with my cousins back then. Fun.
Also, 21st century smart watch makers should take cue from their awesome transformation bands. It’s big, and blinking.

I didn’t like the Columbia boy choir so much on this album, but it’s bearable.
You can enjoy a two-pages booklet inside, nice photos. 11 tracks in total, smooth.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No. You’d want to be a janitor Goggle Black. Cleaning a baseball stadium by day, destroying evil empire by ..whenever the alarm rings.

Sample as usual.

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