Gavan | CX-7072 (1982)

GavanI regard Gavan as the predecessor of Robocop, only a few centillions cooler. And it has a light saber laser blade, like a Jedi.

In my childhood belief, he had a younger brother, the red space cop, Sharivan. Although various sources and official releases have certainly denied that fact, I have closed my doors for reconciliation and let it live as it was. They’re brothers.

Gavan’s BGM album was released in 1982 by Nippon Columbia. A handsome LP with only a single insert, black and white. Damn.

Seven tracks followed by six on the other side summarised his journey to defend the earth from the evil empire Maaku, before handing it over to his brother, Sharivan. Yes, Sharivan is his brother. You need to just believe it.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? If you don’t believe that Sharivan is his kid-brother, maybe.

Here, a sample from the ever legendary ending theme,  星空のメッセージ

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