Galvion | K25G-7179 (1984)

GalvionIf Bonnie and Clyde had Galvion, they would have probably robbed the entire planet.

I love this record! Kept me on my toes and thumbs, following the dynamic disco beats of the 80s.
I typed this review just by using my toes rhythmically. The music is so dynamic you’d wish this LP has five sides.

I loved Galvion when I was a kid (well, I loved all robot anime during the 70s and 80s, except for Gundam. Gundam can suck Godzilla’s balls for all I care. But don’t worry, I’ll still review and showcase Gundam LPs later. I just hate them).
I wanted the toy, it could transform like on the series. Ah, memories.

This LP is a King Record LP and follows the adventure of Mu and Maya with lots of catchy music. Dance away.
And pin this poster on your wall. Now.

Galvion Poster

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No, no, no. One is because you will be dancing around following the tune, and number two is probably because you will be thinking hard wondering what the opening theme song’s lyric means.

Seriously. A sample.

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