Dragonar BGM Vol. 1 | K25G-7327 (1987)

DragonarIn the confused anime era when the robots were still flying high but not so super anymore, there rose the metal armor, Dragonar!

Every single beat of this King Record LP seemed to accomplished its mission of launching you to the outer space. It’s a balanced collection of heroic BGM and some relaxing tunes. All in all while riding a giant robot.

Late 80s robot anime seemed to be obsessed with the word Chaser. Remember Galvion‘s Lonely Chaser? Well this one’s opening song is Yume Iro Chaser. Go figure, chaser.

Standard jacket, stereo, and released in 1987, mine was already sans-poster. Donations accepted of course.
Seven tracks on side-1 and six on another, all very enjoyable.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No! you will be busy chasing something. I wrote the review while chasing my dreams. Didn’t seem to work, but it’s OK.
On a rather serious note, but not really, If you play tracks from this LP and ask people who listen to Japanese fusion music a la Casiopea, T-Square, or Jimsaku, they would probably unable to guess that these BGMs are from a robot anime.

A sample per usual.

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