Daimos | CX-7022 (1981)





Pretty much how I remembered it.

Daimos, nicknamed Karate robot. ..Shit, the dojo must have been huge.

The series was the third one on the Nagahama trilogy, right after Combattler and Voltes.
Romance was pretty strong with this one. Even as a kid I could sense it.

This BGM Nippon Columbia LP record had a pretty nice poster of Richter (the bad guy, Erika’s bro), but unfortunately for everything else, it failed to deliver.
Like Combattler, in my super electromagnetic humble opinion, they picked the lame ones for this record.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? Unfortunately yes.

If you’re on budget and wanted to weigh between the Nagahama trilogy robots to pick for your record collection, go for Voltes. It’s excellent.

My wife said I should sell all of my records. Not gonna happen.
Here’s a short sample.

BONUS: Richter’s appearance on poster:


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