Combattler V | CX-7010 (1981)

Combattler VTo play a yo-yo is normal, to play a super electromagnetic yo-yo is Combattler V.

Here is the first series of the Nagahama trilogy, fighting aliens and throwing yo-yos.

Like my belief about Gavan and Sharivan, I thought the same of Voltes and Combattler.
Although Combattler was meant to be the older one, I never believed so.
They looked the same, the pilots uniforms were almost the same, one sporting a yo-yo and the other throwing a top.
If I were the enemy, I would have laughed my arse off and cancelled my invasion plan. Earth was just not worth it. Radical insanity.

Anyway, this Nippon Columbia LP record was released in 1981. Jam packed with BGMs that sounded like… BGMs.
They picked the lame ones.
Truly nothing special, normal insert booklet, and …

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? Yes. Totally.

By the way, I had the toy when I was a kid. I wanted Voltes, my dad bought me Combattler. It’s OK.

Here, reluctantly I posted a sample.

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