Battle Fever J | CQ-7019 (1979)

Battle Fever JIf a real Miss America were to join the series, General Kurama would have been played by Donald Trump.
Fortunately it wasn’t the case.
Behold! The third of the Super Sentai, Battle Fever J!


This was an excellent music collection from Battle Fever, each track induced fever in my soul, burning my not so youthful blood to the point where I wanted to be Battle Australia.
But it’s not going to be, because who cares.
According to my wife, Battle China would be more relevant these days. Sure.

This Nippon Columbia record was released in  1979 with a two pages booklet. Nice photos but not enough Miss America.
Considering I remembered as a kid that there was death on this series, the LP cover was a bit too happy for the occasion. Marketing.

It has death and revenge themes, good for kids under 10 I guess. Won’t pass PG rating here in OZ.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? NO! In fact, not even after you turn it around 12,587 times.
Oh! I forgot, this LP is full instrumental only. Don’t expect to hear the normal opening song for Battle Fever.
Better, hahah.

Here, snippet from side-2 which I liked more than side-1.

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