Getter Robo | KKS-4127 (1974)

Getter RoboWhat did Getter Robo and Winnetou have in common?
They both had Tomahawk.
But if Winnetou had Getter 1’s Tomahawk, Old Shatterhand wouldn’t be necessary.

Columbia released this merry 12 tracks gatefold record in 1974, must have been to parents and children’s delight. They got to learn one-two-three with Sasaki Isao, and (Madam) Horie Mitsuko (must have been still really young back then). It’s kinda like Sesame Street, but on Mechazaurus level. Total badass.

I mastered my counting skills after completing this record. So many one two threes.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? No, it’s like coming back to school. How can you be?

On personal note, I loved this original Getter team composition. Ryou was just a normal helm-wearing scarf-slinging hero of the day. Unlike whatever Armageddon and the newer ones are trying to portray him; dark, and mysterious. Enough of those shit. Getter Beaaaaam!!!!

Here, a sample without the one two three parts.

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