Heavy Metal L-Gaim BGM Vol.1 | K25G-7180 (1984)

L-GaimIt’s not heavy metal at all, but it’s heavy enough. The rebels of Pentagona solar system made their first run in this BGM compilation volume 1, Screaam!!

I hated L-Gaim when I first watched it long time ago, but the Kings Record release kinda did justice to its’ existence. Filled with standard rock beats and the vibes of the 80’s, the 13 tracks distributed rather unevenly¬†across 2 sides were pleasing to say the least.

MIO (before she was known as MIQ) was the highlight, singing the opening and ending songs. She screamed like no other. One badass lady rocker.
But will you fall asleep before side-1 ends? Yes. Definitely. This review was written while I was sleeping.

This gatefold record has a bonus POSTER!
Admit it, this is why you like records right? Posters.

L-Gaim Poster 1

Here, time for L-Gaim.

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