Voltes V | CX-7004 (1981)

Voltes VI worshipped Voltes V as a kid. Whenever Kenichi shouted “Volt In!”, my heart pumped 32,768 times faster (yes, like half signed short integer range faster). 

This Columbia mono-aural LP record has Voltes’s TV-size legendary opening song, and a whole bunch of other things. The last track of the side-2 is also another TV-size version of 父をもとめて,a good way to calm the day after fighting so many ボアザン creepers.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? NO, hell No, you’ll be throwing 超電磁ボール to the person next to you.
Fortunately my family members were unharmed during the listening process, so we’re okay, thanks for the concern.

I consider Voltes V as the God of super robots, but my wife still hates this album. Her choice.

Here, a few seconds of sample per usual.

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