Goranger | CN-7006 (1976)

GorangerI guess it’s hard to keep their presence a secret if they dress up like this, but the father of all super sentai most definitely has the rights.
Ladies and gentlemen, your secret squad, and the first of its name; Goranger!

Dated back to 1976, Columbia released this surprisingly stereo LP record to the eagerly awaiting public [I guess]. This record is actually a drama record, so you can enjoy a song or two, some background music, but mainly you’ll be listening to Goranger’s adventure. Pretty amusing if you understand Japanese.

Will you be asleep before side-1 ends? Yes, if you don’t know Japanese, you will.
My wife doesn’t approve, but she rarely does.

The highlight of the record in my opinion is track one of side-2, 花のももレンジャー highlighting the admirable aspects of the Pink Ranger.

Per usual business, here’s a few seconds of side-2.

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