Babel II | CX-7029 (1981)

Babel IIBabel II (バビル2世)had the best opening and ending song in the 70’s. It’s heroically catchy if that’s even a word. A youth protecting peace of the world, lo and behold! Koichi!

This Columbia release LP of 1981 was a BGM compilation, the kind I liked the most. Mine no longer had an Obi, but the insert sheet remained.
6 parts on both side, with loads of bite-sized tracks in-between.

Will you fall asleep before side-1 ends? Maybe, especially if you didn’t know who Rodem, Ropross, and Poseidon were. But as I said, this anime had those catchy 70’s anime feeling written all over. If you’re old enough, or feeling old enough, you’ll enjoy it just fine.

Remember, old is the new young.
If you don’t remember, here, old is the new young. wee-ooo-weee-ooo-wee-ooo.. Twilight Zone.Hypnosis

Here’s a sample of side-1.

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